The Budget 2020 – Business Rates reaction

Martin Davenport, head of business rates at property consultancy Hartnell Taylor Cook said: “Today’s announcement will have unimaginable effects on businesses across the country. Half of UK businesses can now breathe a little easier, feeling the weight of business rates ease off their shoulders.

“It’s giving each business, on average, £25,000 extra to play with, helping them ride out an already trying trading climate put into crisis with the coronavirus. It is a shame that businesses with a rateable value over £51,000 won’t feel the benefits but is of course a step in the right direction.”

“However, the business rates system is still riddled with issues on many fronts, so Mr Sunak’s promise to assess the system further in autumn is absolutely necessary.

“Many businesses in the Midlands and the North are paying rates they shouldn’t be. In these places, occupiers have seen their rents and rateable values halved, while their rate bills stay largely the same due to downward transition.

“The current appeals system of Check, Challenge, Appeal (CCA) is cumbersome, complex and discouraging for businesses; it’s a blocker, rather than a gateway, to businesses seeking a fair rate. In an tricky trading climate, we need a rates system that encourages regeneration rather than curbing it. A change we desperately need is a less bureaucratic appeal system.”

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5th November 2020